Welcome to PMG Computer Support, we provide computer support from residental  to our local small to large businesses.  We are solution minded, and work to solve any issues you need assist with. We thank you for your business!

> $ 195.00 - Laptop Broken Screen Replacement (Includes Screen), we use factory matched replacements.

> $ 129.00 - PC/Laptop; Virus, Adware REMOVAL. We go through a multi step process to properly isolate and eliminate all threats. We search for ROOT virus kits, look for timed release files that allow threats to recreate. Although its impossible for anyone to totally prevent threats, we do the deepest and most secure virus extraction in the area.

Note: With above services, we clean out dust and dirt from inside your PC/Laptop. The dust and dirt can cause over heating and put stress on electronic components. We will provide you with a general review of obvious things we can recommend to prevent possible issues.


Service & Repair

PMG Computer Support offers exceptional support in Computer/IT.

- PC Repair
- Hard drive data recovery
- PC upgrades and updates
- Virus & ad-ware removal
- Laptop screen Replacement

- Business Server Install and Maintanence

- Business Remote and On-site Support Available

- Authorized Comcast Business Class in-house installer

New Systems

PMG Computer Support specializes in business computing. We support a great deal of businesses in our local community and understand the need to protect customer data. If its an upgrade of a complete new install, PMG Computer Support will take the care needed for a seamless transition from you old operations, to your new efficient future system.

We use only high-end Intel Processors, quality motherboards with features found in only high end, advanced PC's. We will review your needs and provide you with a cost effective solution with all the room to grow your business.

Software Development (Industrial)

We have programming capabilities in house.

- Languages; Delphi (Pascal), Visual Basic, C++, Assembly, Java, HTML
- Operating System Integration - We can integrate Win7 kernel into embedded systems and integrate only needed OS components.
- Software development for custom testing applications using IEEE, USB interfacing for controlling Scopes, P/S, HP/Tektronix Test Equip.

We can create custom stand alone PC & Android applications for specific requirements.


Electronic Design, Prototype, small run production services in Proof-of-concept projects.

- Custom Engineering
- Electronic Testing and Calibration
- PCB Layout with Altium Designer


Test & Calibration

We provide services for Auto-Test applications, specifically in electronics and Audio related test and measurement.

- IEEE based test equipment communications for automated control and grammatically create pass/fail reports.
- Automated testing, standalone programming for system testing; Sound Technology, Tektronix, etc.

PMG Currently provides onsite Computer/IT support to;

- USCG Seattle, WA
- NAS Everett, WA
- NAS Whidbey Island, WA
- NAVMAG Indian Island, WA
- Navy Base Kitsap / Bangor, WA
- Navy Base Kitsap / Keyport, WA
- Navy Base Kitsap / Bremerton, WA
- RapidGate PNW field service contractor
- SureID PNW field service contractor

- Large &amp small businesses, sub and prime
contractors throughout the kitsap area.

Poulsbo Media Group, LLC

POULSBO MEDIA GROUP was established in 1995 after relocating from the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley). We are an electronics engineering company with local computer/IT support for our community. We offer high level engineering for corpoarate and government agencies. We have 20+ years of advanced electronic design, test and manufacturing of custom projects.


Jim Hartley - 360-908-0142

Jim Hartley

Jim Hartley is the owner and founder of Poulsbo Media Group, LLC. With extensive experience in Electronic design, repair and test. We offer a variety of skills to the local area and surrounding puget sound, working in Computer/IT and Professional Audio/Video applications.

Jim has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for 35+ years in the high tech boom (silicon valley) in the 80's and 90's. Employed with major companies in engineering research and development such as; Sony Corporation of America, Mt View, CA; Engineering in 1" Video Broadcast Recorder division. Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, CA; Engineering in both Audio and Video research and development of advanced products and designs. JL Hartley Pro-Audio Support Group, Fremont, CA: Service & Repair of ultra high end studios, in the repair of Ampex, Studer, 3M and MCI multi-track studio tape reocorders. Provided retro-fit audio card design for the ultimate improvements for the Recording and Broadcast industries. At the same time Jim has been at the forefront of the computer industry, starting back in the 80's as a staff engineer for Osborne Computers, Hayward, CA. Worked in the engineering dept. Along with a host of other innovative companies pioneering computer technology.

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